A week ago, I had a chiropractic appointment and had gotten some treatment for some ailment. I am telling you about this is simply because it was unique from any other treatment I have had ever received before.
Client retention is very difficult to come by, but this incident reminded me of, why my most successful businesses can succeed and why the rest seem to continuously struggle with it.
The Chiropractor I visited last week, I call him Nick for short (his real name is Nicholas D), my shoulders were aching, and I felt like my muscles were like twisted up and he simply questioned if I work on a computer for long hours?
I hesitated for a moment but decided I rather be honest with him now if not I will not be relieved of this pain. So, I told him what I did for work, and that I have been spending hours at the end just typing out pages after pages and it was more than excessive then I normally do.
Yes, Nick, I was typing like it was a marathon, trying to complete a new manual I was working on, called “Passive Residual Income” and his eyes just lit up. I knew I got his attention, I knew for sure it will open up anybody’s eyes like that. (will elaborate later that…).
I stopped abruptly, didn’t like the idea of giving out too much on my line of work and Nick just got the message. He hesitated and started on how long did I work in a week and how I spent my weekends.
When he realised the short hours, I spent with my family and friends and how much time did I spend on fun time alone, he froze up in surprise and was wondering how I could squeeze so much in a day.
I was not surprised at his response and it was nothing unusual to get such looks from my replies.
I’m always greeted with envy at first, whenever I explained my daily schedule and it always follows with some confusion. I then realised and wondered how I could actually live my life in such a manner.
Just to be polite, I naturally asked Nick about his daily schedule. His answer absolutely blew me away, Nick has been working for the last 6 months straight, 7 days a week with no off days and no vacations at all.
I’m sure I heard him correctly, but I did not, 6 treatments daily for the last 180 days straight, nobody can work like that!!
Anyone would have guessed being a Chiropractor, he would have easily made six figures a month, but is he is really living the “life”?

Chiropractor Therapist At Work

So what is wrong here? All this is based on false assumptions, the notions that self-employed people are making it is false.

I have seen entrepreneurs making the same mistake one too many times before and it didn’t surprise me.
I’m only 46 years old now, I’ve already learnt enough on how to overcome this “rat race”.
I am here typing out this note today, to you from my “home office”, surrounded by my good friends, a bulldog called “Turkey” and a cockatoo called “Chip”. They keep company while I just type and type my life away, but I have them for a company.
So, what has happened? … Why am I still working at this age and not able to retire?
Well, the concept of ‘Retirement’ is basically flawed, and that is the reason why I’m still working today right?
The very notion of sacrificing the very best years of an individual’s life and hoping to discover the “never-never land” in future years, is really unrealistic and it does not come true at all.
It’s just an outdated theory we have been told time and time again – just look around and you will see how unrealistic it is.
If you are still in doubt just look at the statistic, only a fraction of our elderlies can actually retire comfortably later in life and for the rest, they simply need to eke out a living somehow.
The trend now is that for added income most seniors are forced to work longer just to survive and it only gets worse.
The private pensions saved by these seniors are now collapsing under the continued increase in inflation and our purchasing power for social security diminishes daily.
The conclusion is the same, as experts after experts come to, that another generation is not able to retire comfortably.
The only option left is that the vast majority of people must work for the rest of their lives till they die.
Waiting and hoping that it will get better later only to find that it will drastically decrease the chances that you will never be able to be successful as your heart’s desire in reality.
Before I answer you, let’s look at these 2 burning questions now. What if you could never afford to retire? That is, you cannot save enough on your nest egg to retire.
What if the work you do today cannot help you save enough so you end up working longer. So, could you retire?
Either way, you don’t have enough, or you work longer. Would you have done something differently then?
What if I told you that you can drastically increase your survival rate of success and enjoy a fruitful life, would you be interested?

I will give you a hint, start to look at properties, for example, The Gem Residences as an investment home.

Well, stay tuned here for more on this.